About Premarital Counseling

Getting married can be one of the biggest events in our lives, and it is not a commitment to be taken lightly. We seek to support couples going into marriage by teaching the essential components for a successful marriage. As ordained ministers, we have gained great insight into how a marriage works and how people can stay together and thrive in a happy, long-lasting relationship. What sets our premarital counseling apart is the advice and suggestions we provide based on your actual relationship and communication dynamics.

Areas covered in premarital counseling:

  • Finances
  • Communication style
  • Expectations
  • Roles in marriage
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Children and parenting
  • Conflict resolution

Premarital Basics

Premarital counseling is often experienced as an exciting event on the road to getting married. In a busy and sometimes stressful time of wedding planning, you get to slow down and just have it be about the two of you. You will examine, with the help of your counselor, what qualities you possess that make you an excellent match, as well as areas of difference that you will need to watch out for as time goes by. Premarital counseling usually lasts 4-6 sessions, depending on how much comes up for you during your sessions.


This is usually one of the first questions on your mind, rest assured, we are willing to work within your budget, and however, it is also important to understand we must be fair with one another. When we discuss fees with you we will share with you what fees are normal and customary in the local wedding market. Once we discuss those fees, we will discuss what is affordable for you and go from there as we truly want to serve you as your premarital counselor.