Losing a loved one is hard enough. Planning a funeral shouldn’t complicate your time of grief. The Pastoral Care Center has designed the following package that will allow you to both honor and grieve your loved one in the planning of the funeral service.
Package includes:

  • Meeting with The Pastoral Care Center to plan a service that honors and includes memories of your loved one.
  • Up to three hours of grief counseling for you, as well as friends or family, who may benefit from pastoral visitation.

Cost: This is usually one of the first questions on your mind, rest assured, we are willing to work within your budget, and however, it is also important to understand we must be fair with one another. When we discuss fees and options with you we will share with you what fees are normal and customary in home going services. Once we discuss those fees, we will discuss what is affordable for you and go from there as we truly want to serve you as you celebrate your loved one. Our initial consultation by phone is always at no cost or obligation.